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Return the tax docs and questionnaire to us via Fax (or Email) and we will prepare a Draft return. 

Offering 24/7 individual & business tax services - overnight return option

All tax returns are prepared by I.R.S. registered and certified agents who have taken rigorous training and CPE programs and who passed annually administered proficiency exams required by the I.R.S.

​​Tax Return Preparation

Individual- Form 1040

Small Business - Sch. C

Small Corp - Sub "S" Corp -  Form 1120S

Limited Liability Co - LLC, LLP - Form 1065

Trusts - Form 1041

and more . . . . . . .


We reserve the right to decline a return without cause or explanation.

Filing the Return

Once our invoice has been processed we will eFile your state and federal return. If you choose Direct Deposit your refund should post in about 10 days. 

​​​Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare comprehensive and accurate tax returns that

​maxi​-mize allowable deductions, resulting in the mini-mization of your tax liability and the opti​-mization of credits and refunds.


We Prepare the following returns


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We send a questionnaire that will detail all the documents and details we will need.

1040s as low as ​$97


SIMPLE AS A, B, C . . . . .

A Summary Return​ will be sent to you. Then we'll call you to discuss it and ensure accuracy before eFiling.